Guild Activities

Raiding: Gnurft is our current Raid Coordinator. Our raid team is working on heroic Nighthold.  Contact Gnurft if you are interested in raiding with Panda Attack.

PvP: We are not currently doing any guild-organized PvP but if you are interested in helping with PvP events, contact Gnurft.

TrollFARTs: (Currently not active)  Stomp the alliance flat! Panda's to the rescue of other pandas.  If you are having problems with Alliance anywhere in the game where we can reach out and swat them, TrollFARTS (Fast Action Response Team) will happily respond and gank every alliance dog in the zone. 

Guild Rules

We really only have three rules at Panda Attack, and all of them are designed to ensure everyone has the best play experience they can.

Don't Be a Dick: Panda Attack is a class act. Don't ruin that reputation, either publicly or with other pandas.

Say 'No' to the Drama Llama: We don't need no stinking llamas! Panda Attack has a long history of recruiting persons that are mature and responsible. So many members give their time, gold, and professions freely to guildies, that there's no call to be greedy with loots. We're a friendly bunch and will often go far out of our way to help guildmates, but we can't always drop everything to help you. Be cool; stay classy; no llamas.

Keep Guild Chat PG-13: We're not just talking profanity, but also innuendo (for which there is no filter). A number of members have kids that play, and out of respect for them, please keep your public conversations at the same level as the game itself is rated. Do whatever you want in private channels or voice chat, but keep the guild chat polite and reasonable.

Again, these are to make sure we all have a good time.

Getting In

  1. Find a sponsor. You'll need to be friends with a panda or group with one to show that you have the qualities to be a Panda and to find out about our guild.
  2. Fill out an application.  Please avoid using numbers in your web site name if at all possible.  Make sure you talked to a guildie about the application.
  3. Respond as needed to any comments on your application.
  4. Wait for an invite from a Guild Leader.