Welcome to Panda Attack Raiding

Panda Attack had an active raiding presence on Dark Iron all the way back to Molten Core in Vanilla WOW.

Our raiding team, Team Faaabulous, is currently teaming with another guild, The Bamboozlers to clear normal Nighthold each Tuesday and do heroic Nighthold on Thursday.  If interested in raiding, contact Gnurft.

The Basics

Once you have contacted Gnurft, he will evaluate your current status and provide recommendations on what to do next.  Active raiders are promoted to Jade status.  Jades receive additional guild benefits such as more repair gold and access to additional raid mats from the guild bank. 

Forming a New Team

If you are interested in forming a new raid team (either to accommodate a larger number of raiders or for a different time slot), the guild will help get one organized and running.

If you feel that there is enough interest, please contact Gnurft and say you want to lead one. We would like to have at least 80% panda in the group, but it is also okay to pull from outside in order to run. 


Loot Rules

Each raid team will have its own specific rules, though generally our 'no drama llama' emphasis has resulted in very few loot arguments.