I started playing WoW in early BC when Kara was progression. I mained a warrior through Sunwell, but started to offspec Resto/Ele Shaman as needed during BT/Hyjal. By the end of BC I had all 9 classes leveled up to 70, definitely an altoholic. Early Wrath I mained a DK (who didnt?) and offspec'd Resto Shaman, but had all classes to 80. By the time we were getting into Ulduar and beyond I was all-in on Prot Paladin all the way to near the end of the xpac when they revamped it and added holy power, then it was back to Resto Shaman. Early Cataclysm I mained Ele Shaman, but chose to stop playing near the end of the first raid tier to focus on my new wife, the daughter we had, and finishing up my last bit of college to get my degree. Came back in Pandaria, leveled up several characters, but by this point the guild I had been with had mostly stopped playing so I was an LFR hero mostly on my shaman. The game didnt have the spark I used to love since my friends had stopped playing, so I took about a year off again. Boy was I surprised when I came back just before WoD and the raid tier I left was still the current raid tier... I repeated my ritual from the past couple expansions with WoD, play a bit early on, take a big chunk off because lfr is stale, come back at the end. Then Legion came out... FINALLY! The expansion I had been hoping for! I loved the gameplay of the DH class and raided with Yelena a bit, but switched back to main my Shaman based on the needs of the guild. After several expansions offspeccing my shaman, I have finally decided to accept that Shaman has always been the class I enjoyed playing when I wasnt raiding on my main toon, so now it is my main. Currently I have my DH and Shaman at 110, another 5 or 6 characters between 100 and 104, and the rest are all 90+. 

Favorite PvP Character

I am not familiar with the comic, so I am choosing Brent based solely on checking out a few of the strips to answer this question. I didnt find any that represent myself very much, but I did like that Brent seemed to be into the new phone tech. I am the manager of a phone store, and consider myself to be an early adopter of new tech (when i can afford it), so I can relate to the excitement over a new device. 


I have been on Demon Soul for the entirety of my WoW career. I raided with Sardonic, who later changed the name to Casual Apathy. This was a group of guys that I met while in college. It started with me making fun of my roommate (in the guild) for playing WoW all the time and sounding like a nerd. Then he dared me to play a few hours on his free trial, and of course I got hooked and started playing WoW all the time and sounding like a nerd too. The guild stayed together until Cataclysm when most of the key members including myself stopped playing because of RL commitments. 

Additional Info

My real name is AJ. I have a 7 year old daughter who means the world to me. I am a store manager for a Verizon retailer. Between work taking up most of my week, and my daughter getting first dibs on my attention during the weekends I don't have a ton of free personal time, but the majority of my free personal time is spent in-game. Since I write the schedules I try my best to leave myself available on raid nights. 



Welcome onboard.  Excellent application.  Glad to have you on the raid team!

Let me know if you have any questions about the guild.