Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse $32.99

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Hey, if you wanted to try out a wireless mouse for gaming, this is a pretty good deal on a refurb Logitech G602 wireless, from NewEgg via their Ebay store ($32.99). I've used this for WoW for a few years now, and I haven't noticed any issues with latency. Additionally, it has six side buttons, in the style of Moba/MMO mice, and all of the buttons are fully programmable. The stock batteries are not rechargeable, but you can use rechargeables with it. I use the Panasonic Enerloops.


The only downside is the mouse wheel, which is a departure from Logitech's usually free-spinning dual-mode mouse wheel. There's no switch to disable the clutch, and freely spin the mouse wheel. The wheel is always in stepped mode.