I have been around WoW since the beginning and have experience with Druids,Mages and now shamans.  I have other 100s lvl but didnt really know what to play in legion so i went with my shaman its been real fun playing him looking forward to playing a DH pretty soon been hearing there alot of fun

Favorite PvP Character

Max Powers


use to be on Kil'jaeden then switch over to dark iron so i could follow my friends been on this server ever since then. ive played on both side on dark iron horde and alliance but nothing beats being horde guilds i use to be in Everlasting Vendetta, Apocalyptic Knights, Stop Freaking Turtling and Eternity abit of everything pvp and pve

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I enjoy talking and have fun. If you want to get to know me feel free to message me. Otherwise I hope to be raiding with you guys soon.



Joined 25 Sep 16.