I have played WoW on and off since Burning Crusade. My first ever character was a fire mage (cause I love me some fire), but in Warlords my main was a 110 Troll Elemental Shaman, Jubukraa. Unfortunately with this expansion I am no longer enjoying playing my shaman (which makes me saaaaad). So I am taking a break from her and am currently checking out the new Demon Hunter class (Jaxxhalia), which has been wicked fun. I did want to play my mage again, so that is also a possibility for the future too. 

Favorite PvP Character

Scratch Fury - I love cats, so I was instantly drawn to this character. "No Butts About it" perfectly captures the relationship between my tuxedo cat, Loki, and my hyperactive pain-in-the-rear Siberian Husky, Parker. The only difference is that I think my cat enjoys having his butt sniffed and licked, that way he doesn't have to clean it himself.

All cats are little demons hidden in a fluffy exterior, but I cannot help but want to cuddle every single one I come across (even those who hiss and scratch at me). 


With Jubukraa, I raided with a guild named Kings of Bootysweat. They were an interesting group to say the least. The first bit started out very fun, they were a pretty chill (albeit, very immature) group. However, people began showing up over an hour late to raids and the raid group slowly fell apart. Having to work early in the morning, it got frustrating waiting and waiting for people to show up and the raids ran too late as a result. At that point I was in my first trimester, so I was very hormonal, which did not help with the frustration I am sure ;)

While in this guild, I did learn a lot about how to play my shaman from a few other guildies. I definitely had some fun times! I ended up taking a break from WoW, and the guild was not active when I returned for Legion, so I left!

My main is currently in another guild called Remorse, but I am totally open to the possibility of bringing her over to this guild sometime. 

Additional Info

Overall, I am a very easy going person. I am looking to meet some new people, to have fun and to learn from other players. I would love to do some raiding in the future as well!

A little about myself - I am a mother of an 11 month old (so while she sleeps, gaming is my escape haha). I love comic books (my husband and I have quite the growing collection), coffee is my life force, I enjoy anything science fiction, I play an elf rogue in a current DnD campaign, I love to read (mainly fantasy or science fiction), I draw and paint (when I can find the time, which is not nearly as often as I would like), I play baseball, and gaming is where I spend most of my free time these days! 


Invite available

Excellent application.

We will have to talk comic books and D&D sometime. 

Look for me online for an invite.