I played WoW since the Burning Crusade, on a paraguayan server. I mained a warlock. Then I had a shadow priest. I started WoW (the official one) 2 years ago, but I don't play that much. I main a shadow priest, and also have a 100 balance druid.

Favorite PvP Character

Scratch Fury! It had me at the name already, I really liked it. I like how he got his powers and is wits, most of all.


Haven't been in a Dark Iron guild before!

Additional Info

I mainly just want to ask questions from time to time. Things can get confusing with all the expansions and stuff, and sometimes it's hard to find answers online, so it'd be great if someone could give me some pointers when I need them. When I get enough gear level and stuff, I can also raid! I used to raid a lot back in the day.



Joined 11 Sep 16.