I've been playing since Vanilla. Currently I am working to get my DH caught up with WoD content, but my main is RebalAnn (who has travelled over 5 servers) and whose original name used to be Othelia after Othello and Ophellia from the Shakespear novel of the same name, Othello.  


Favorite PvP Character

Jade, for a few obvious reasons. But my first encounter with PVPonline before AI, was when my partner and I first started dating. He sent me this email with coding attached (essentially) asking me out on a date and I didn't understand it, sending him an email back telling him I wasn't sure what he sent and he sent me the Font Bordello comic: http://pvponline.com/comic/archive/2013/07  thinking his dating code was sexy. He thought I understood because I hold him I knew how to code (only HTML...not python...which is what language he send me)

2) #mommyissues


3) She's familiar, I can relate on so many levels XD



I've been on Dark Iron since Pandaria.  My sister-in-law moved to this server with a bunch of our other friends and created a guild with with them, but it created a lot of drama for us so we left and moved on, eventually, to Kings of Booty Sweat a group of people who didn't understand IRL stuff and/or females. Lots of problems there so I left wow Nov 2014 and will be returning for Legion. 

Additional Info

Let's see. My name is Jenna, I am Canadian... I don't own a polar bear, but I do own a 1 1/2 yr old Lab who's name is Bowie (after David Bowie), my character Zowie is my ode to the late great David Bowie.  I am a baseball player, coffee enthusiest, Cosplayer, home brewer, fantasy & sci-fi geek (So Say We All), DnD player, knitter, writer, Torontonian, redditor, Jedi Master, Time Lord, and Lostie.




Invite Available

Excellent application...even if you do not own a polar bear...

Give me a holler tonight for the guild invite.  I already upped your access on the web site to Panda Attack Member.  When able, please read these two posts: