Tyrienne, Val




Been playing on Dark Iron since 2006. Raided all vanilla raids as feral (ask about my patched together STR gear set from AQ40/Naxx!). Skipped BC raids, but did all WotLK heroic raids as kitty deeps. Became our guild's main-tank bear for all Cataclysm (Heroic) raids. Was out of country for most of Panda so skipped raiding there.

Favorite PvP Character

Does Binwin Bronzebottom count? He's appeared in the strip a number of times now from what I can see. If not, then Brent. Because we feel the same way about Apple products and I respect someone who can fly into a violent rage at the slightest provocation.


Started playing WoW for a couple months soon after launch. Came back to the game on a permanent(ish) basis when Mike from Penny Arcade posted a call to arms for PA fans to come to Dark Iron as a rival guild for Scott's Panda Attack. Stayed with the resulting PA Alliance for my entire WoW career, although swapped between sub-guilds a few times as needed to experience the differing cultures and for raiding purposes. Have been a member of KotW, Knights of Arcadia, The Hurricane, and Fear Engine. Have met a ton of awesome people and killed a lot of bosses. It's been a crazy 9 years.

Additional Info

Totally not a spy from the PAA sent to report on your inner workings.


Invite Available

Excellent Application.  Look for me (or any guild leader) for an invite.  Good to know you are not a spy...we would have to send your broken body back to Ironforge one piece at a time...and with postage rates what they are now...