I have been playing on and off since Vanilla using many classes. All Horde side. I took a short break after completing Cata and came back recently for Draenor.

I am huge into PvP but do run the occasioanal raid from time to time. I have completed the end game content for every expansion and the original MC with guilds that are now defunct to say the least. I have always been way into PvP.

I am mature, experienced and never need any hand holding. I have 6 high level characters but my priest is the main right now.

Favorite PvP Character


The man-child coffee addicted man in serious danger of growing up is a personal strength of mine and particularly deadly on the battlefield.


For several years I have been going it solo PvPing in battlegrounds, running with random put togetyher groups. I am ready to get more organized and contribute as a team.

Additional Info

I am online constantly, always willing to help or roll with guild mates.



Joined 9 June 2015.