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Thank you for allowing me access to you web page. I am looking to join a friendly active guild that enjoys playing and helping out when available. I used to play 4 years ago with a guild called the panic attacks but they've since disbanded so now Im alone. I have several toons with professions, I'm some what proficient with the game so I know my way around but still always room to learn. I understand that I need a sponsor to join your ranks. I'm usually on in the afternoons and wed, thur, fri, sat, sun night after 10. I have been running all my toons and leveling by myself for the most part with the exception of running instances. If you would have me would like to be a part of your team. Thanks. I sent a request in game under Rpzzre.

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I will watch for you online so we can talk.  If you see Gnurft, Toxicelf, Kyrran, Sunblade, or Kyteyn online (they are all me), please send me a tell.



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