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Returning WoW player. Played a ton in the Vanilla thru MoP expansions and raided almost all content (Cata and MoP were mostly through Raid Finder) and have PvPed with many classes (During the first year of MoP and through Cata, my pally friend and I got to ~rank 800 in Arena and maintained while we were both still very actively playing).

I played Horde way back, but most of my old mains are Alliance. I have a 99 Shammy, 90 DK and hunter, and 80 somethings of rogue, warrior and warlock that were from the LK, Cata days on the Deathwing server where my old buddies play every now and again. I have a 90 BE rogue on the Dark Iron server that I am now levelling and am a good IRL friend of Scolex (David) as well as his DM for our local DnD group. I have been playing WoW since vanilla patch 1.2 and always find myself coming back to it.

Favorite PvP Character

Skull the Troll for sure just due to how clueless it can be and I love the way it's written, although I admit I have not followed PvP as closely as Penny Arcade over the years since I tend to have comic ADD so I do not want to claim I know the characters as intimately as I would like. I am a massive comic fan, though, and love Kurtz's work across the map.


I just transferred my horde rogue to Dark Iron. I moved since my IRL friend Dave (Scolex) plays on it and I find WoW much more enjoyable with good people to play with. I am in a guild called The Frothing Otter on the Alliance side on the Deathwing server which is just a small level 25 guild my friends and I own for the perks (and the name, because frothing otters amirite?)

Additional Info

I am 26 and an avid gamer and musician. I don't play as often as I'd like these days since I am in the process of planning a wedding and DMing for a few DnD campaigns but I love PvP and the occasional raid (time permitting). 

Please feel free to ask me any other questions. I'm really just searching for a supportive, laid back community of gamers like me and am always willing to help where I can.


My name is Scolex and I

My name is Scolex and I approve this message.


Seriously, this guy is good people. He's my DM, so when I'm late on the occasional odd Tuesday, it's this guy's doing.

I'm excited to have him playing and in the guild.

Invite Available

Great App.


Look for any guild leader for an invite.