San Diego Comic Convention

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Sorry for the delay in getting this posted, but yes, it is once again that time of year.  Gnurft will be at the convention all week attending events that do not have lines requiring you to camp out overnight.  If any other Pandas are attending or in the area and want to get together, post here or send me a private message with how to contact you.  My cell phone is the same as in previous years so if you have me in your conytact list that number is still good.  Wolfblitzer/Jase/my alleged son is also here but do not let that discourage you from contacting me.

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The only pass I could get is for Sunday.  Plans are to come down on Friday and play many many games at the Geek and Sundry space.


If you make it into the Blizz merch panel, can I ask you to ask them if we'll ever see the ability to make customized items with our Pandaren characters on already established sites (like FigurePrints or PrintWarcraft)?


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