Boston Marathon Explosions

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Just posting some good links if you are trying to get better information on this tragic event.


1. Cell coverage has been temporarily disabled in the Boston area and cell communication is not possible right now. 

2. Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) has grounded its flights. Inbound flights are being diverted to other airports. Flights are being resumed.

3. Canadians looking for information on Canadian participants can contact Foreign Affairs 1-800-387-3124.


Best to use other internet-based means of communication if you are trying to locate someone.

UPDATE: Boston Bombings: 2 dead, 107 confirmed injured, more suspected hospitalized. Two confirmed bombs, one controlled explosion. JFK Library fire deemed unrelated. Boston no fly zone in effect over bomb area. Boston, NYC, and other major cities under heightened security. Confirmed Explosions along the Marathon Route in the area of Boylston Street. Police taking statements and allowing runners to return to hotel. No confirmed suspects or leads. Federal


Investigators asked on MSNBC for anyone who has video or photographs taken today at the marathon to get in contact with them, and they specifically stated that no information recorded today is unimportant.

People can upload images to imgur and videos to youtube.

The links to this information can be sent on to the investigators by tweeting Boston Police and sent directly to the FBI tip line via email at

If you have video or photographs of the marathon, particularly of the areas where the explosions occurred but prior to the detonation, then is it critical that you send this information on to the authorities. Any information you can add that helps to identify the time the videos and photos were taken will be useful to help them establish a timeline of the events and the activity of people in those areas.



WCVB, Boston local news livestream. Good ongoing video coverage with updates on contact information and what is currently known.

Reuters Livestream. Tertiary connection, probably a little behind WCVB. Press conference (i.e. President, Mayor, etc.) streams are a little higher quality.   

Police Scanner - Boston network police scanner, real time.


Google Person Finder - Looking for someone, or have information on someone

Red Cross Person Finder - Register or Search the Safe and Well Listings. Under considerable load, intermittent.

Need a place to stay - matchmaker site to accomodate out of town tourists, displaced by event

Place to offer - matchmaker site, if you can host displaced people


Red Cross Blood Drive, MA - Schedule of Boston area blood drives


Reddit forum rollup - Best source of information as it comes in from various sources.




Current Updates from Reddit as of 2:22 PM PST


Constant updates from the /r/news thread: Here.


/u/throwaway-apr15 compiled a list of people at the finish line during the first explosion. Here:

It looks like there has been a big explosion at the Boston Marathon, with some on twitter saying it looked like a bomb went off. Stay safe.

Update 1: Live video of the finish line:

Update 2: Mass casualty event, potentially more bombs:

Update 3: Not for the squeemish:

Update 4: Boston Fire Dept. scanner:

Update 5: Another live feed:

Update 6: Bomb Squad en route to Mass Ave. and Newbury:

Update 7: At least one runner lost both legs:

Update 8: Boston PD has reported at least 3 dead.

Update 9: Youtube video of the explosion itself:

Update 10: State Trooper scanner says more devices potentially at Boylston and Gloucester.

Update 11: Fairmont Copley Hotel on lockdown as per WBZ. Also, another link to the Boston Fire Dept. Scanner:

Update 12: List of scanners in Boston, including police scanner:

Update 13: Another video of the explosion:

Update 14: EMS on scanner reporting for all personnel to be wary of trash containers.

Update 15: Numerous sources including scanners reporting secondary devices have been found unexploded, pleading with people to stay away from the area:

Update 16: A controlled explosion next to the library in about a minute from now from the bomb squad, also all off duty officers have been called in.

Update 17: Red cross safe register listing, always handy to have:

Update 18: Take with a grain of salt, but NY Post is reporting 12 dead from a NYPD source:

Update 19: Large photodump, several more photos. Very graphic, please be aware.

Update 20: Police scanner: JFK library on fire, more undetonated explosives found.

Update 21: Yet another video of second explosion:

Update 22: Revised numbers from Boston Police: 2 dead, 22 injured via @boston_police

Update 23: EOD now heading towards Huntington Ave & Ring Rd

Update 24: Reporter, "Homeland Security source tells me Boston Firefighters discovered an undetonated device at corner of St. James Ave and Trinity place"

Update 25: Scanner: Confirmed explosion at JFK Library.

Update 26: Very graphic, but an injured man having artery pinched to keep from bleeding out.

Update 27: Another planned explosion at Boylston St for controlled detonation.

Update 28: Conflicting reports on if the JFK Library fire was related:

Update 29: A lot of confusion over the JFK Library fire, with some on the scanner calling it an explosion and "incendiary." May or may not be related. Will try to get a good source once we have confirmation.

Update 30: (4:28 PM ET) AP Confirms at least 2 more devices were found and are going to be detonated in a controlled fashion. I will start to timestamp now, apologies for not doing that the entire time.

Update 31: (4:31 PM ET): From scanner and multiple reports on twitter, a mall near the Boston Marathon is being cleared out. Likely precautionary. I will start to timestamp now, apologies for not doing that the entire time.

Update 32 (4:33 PM ET): Mashable references our page here. I would like to say that I am getting a lot of information from redditors here that are present in Boston, as well as other social media sites, its just good to see Reddit get its place as a very up to date source for news information:

Update 33 (4:35 PM ET): News conference in front of the Westin Hotel in 15 minutes.

Update 34 (4:36 PM ET): More confirmation of 2 more devices being found, from AP and a US official:

Update 35 (4:41 PM ET): Lots of updates now. Exact locations of where the other devices were found, according to the Boston Globe: One device was found "on the glass footbridge over Huntington Ave near Copley place"; the other, "Another suspicious package was reported near the Harvard #MBTA station" Also, according to the globe: Police have cordoned off a block of commonwealth, where there's a suspicious "device."

Update 36 (4:45 PM ET): From a redditor, another stream of the PD/FD scanners:

Update 37 (4:46 PM ET): Combative subject with a backpack at a California pizza kitchen. EOD dog called to area.

Update 38: Fire at JFK Library not related to marathon explosions as was previously reported.

Update 39: /u/davdev said his wife is at Bwh and they have someone in question there and I just saw this @katemerrill at Brigham Women's hospital. It is locked down. No visitors are allowed in at this time #wbz #bostonmarathon — Bree Sison (@BreeSison) April 15, 2013