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It is with a heart that i make this post, but I will be transferring seabas to area 52 to persue a heavier raiding team. I really love PA and will be leaving amazein on this server for the time being. that way i can still talk trash to all my buddies in PA. But raiding is my love and its what keeps me logging in. I dont want any hard feelings with the decision that i have made and hope that things will still be the same between PA and myself. Please feel free to add my real id if anyone would like to keep in touch cross

your friendly neighborhood super-mazein

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Deleted lmao. I'll keep the tacos and water.......yeah that's it water. I'll keep them ready for you. Good luck and thanks
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Good luck SUPER AMAZEIN!!! I will bother you always on real id hehe  ...

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Take care and good luck.

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