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Hey to all Prots,

I have been tanking on my warrior.  I leveled in this spec and really enjoyed it, now that I am over 85 I have been looking for Weak Auras for tanking.  I know we only have two Prot warriors in guild that are raiding so i wanted to see what you guys were using and post a weak auras thread that i found.  From the people posting it is highly recommended and he is constantly updating it.

The post is here


He has also made a weak auras for prot paladins i will throw that in the paladin forums

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I don't use WeakAuras yet.  I had downloaded a string from Theck on SacredDuty which was close t oa copy of his protadin setup.  I never really stuck with it though, haven't found a real need yet.  I am sure it would be helpful but haven't put the time into it.  I had been thinking of setting something up for my fury spec so I can easily see when I am enraged though.

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