'Dolorific' was the first character I made when I started playing WoW in early December, 2010. I've been playing on and off, using Dolorific as my main. I have a handful of other characters, none I've really sunk as much time into as Dolo. All my characters are on Dark Iron, and I've never really found a guild I've truly enjoyed being a part of. 

Favorite PvP Character

Definitely Skull. I just like trolls.


I have never really found an active guild that I enjoyed being a part of, and have left mostly because I never would have known I was in a guild had it not been for the guild perks.

Additional Info


Invite Available

Good application.  Hopefully Panda Attack will be a place you can call home.  Look for any of my toons (Gnurft, Kyrran, Sunblade, Kyteyn) or any guild leader for an invite.


Dolorific is my SO, and I fully sponsor her. :D