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Okay, so back to geeky posts. Hopefully this finds other techies in the guild with similar interests. Raspberry Pi has been making a splash in the press lately as an education platform, and better yet, a hack platform for enthusiasts. 

I received mine a few weeks ago, and it's pretty interesting. It looks like:


For $35, they are fairly cheap and will run linux. The hardware is comparable to a cell phone in processing power, but you get the additional IO ports - 2x USB, 10/100 inet, microUSB to power, sound out, HDMI and RCA video out. There a couple of headers that may allow for bus expansion, but I still need to poke at those.

The link provided above to newark.com has all sorts of additional accessories for the platform. Cases, PSU's, bread boards, etc. This is a highly expandable platform, and this site sells a wide range of options.

Raspberry Pi runs Raspian, a debian based image specifially ported to the platform. It will easily fit on a 2GB SD card, but 4GB cards are widely available and cheap. The base OS comes with some educational tools and is prepared for classroom instruction. This all fine, but we want toys.



I have used backtrack for a long time, and was hoping that some forward looking person had put together a distro with compsec in mind. Pwnpi is that distro and its pretty awesome. Currently, there are over 200 utils baked in, with a fully configured menu in X.

Here are some screens:


With the low power draw allowing for a battery pack and a wireless dongle, this small device becomes very interesting.


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Now, discuss the pros and cons of Raspberry vs. Arduino.

I have been interested in both, but have not done enough research to decide on a favorite.

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