I've done parts of ICC not happy about not finishing kingslayer tis a goal of mine. Ive done first three raids of pandaria. Did ALL of deathwing raids. I need help doing Firelands raid never downed the bosses but farmed rep to honored. I have also made a fury warrior and a protection paladin reach level 90 respectively and a blood Dk go to 83.

Favorite PvP Character

I like skull because LOYALTY above all else is MOST important in any family INCLUDING a guild.


N/A new to server.

Additional Info

I have been an officer  in four guilds since conception i lknow how the guilds inner workings are supposed to be run( ALLIANCE AND HORDE)! I don't respect or particulary care for the whole we ONLY communicate with the " inner circle "! I see my guild as a family all guild help should be free BUT there is no such thing as a hand out. If you are told how to make gold GO GET YOUR OWN!!!! I am willing to make thois my new server you guys are the reps. this server and i look forward to getting to know ALL of you in time.


I vouche for him. He is a

I vouche for him. He is a good tank. We lvd my hunter and his paly togther as well as my priest and his warrior. both sets to 90.