Stormwind: PVP and me.

So, once again, I had an urge to go leave my mark on the hu-mans in Stormwind. I felt it was only fair to let them know that I found Wrynn's mancub in Pandaland, and he was for the most part, still intact. They were relieved to get news of his safety, proof given in this screenshot that I delivered. I think he is trying to MC that Lvl 1 Monk - the Monk eventually got away.

Here is an action shot of me riding into the main gates of Stormwind. That mount took me a serious amount of Darkmoon Faire faction grinding. It's also super-rare, so you shouldn't bother trying to get one.


Once inside Stormwind, I was well received as you can see from the next screenshot. I regaled the locals with my tales of conquest in the new lands, and shared with them the countless times I bested their simple Alliance forces. Of course, they were quick to recognize my value, and presented me with Wrynn's crown and many cakes.

I'll update as I can...