Monk Touch of Death on an Intervening warrior

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To explain what's going on here. Monks have an ability called Touch of Death that meanst they can one-shot any mob that has lower health than them. It doesn't work in PVP for obvious reasons. But the PVP 4-pc bonus lets them use ToD in PVP on players lower than 10% health.

In this video, they get the Warlock down below 10%, and the Warrior (at 65% health) intervenes, right as the Monk was using ToD on the 'lock. TL;DR Dead Warrior. ;)

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This is monk porn. Touch of Death is also awesome to maintain an air of mystique while doing dailies, since a lot of people aren't too familiar with what skills a monk brings to bear. I have popped it when alliance came sniffing around to size me up for possible ganking. It usually gives them pause when my target turns black and falls over, taking 400K damage.


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