Tol Barad

Ran my first one of these yesterday.  I played twice, once on defense, once on offense.  I was unimpressed.

A circle of zerging seemed to be the safest way to defend.  If you all stuck together, you turned the next item well before the attackers could turn it.  I did not see a way to break off without a lot of coorination, whether you were offense or defense.

With the advantages being pretty heavy for winning (pvp boss, extra daily quests) I figured they'd make it a bit easier to change hands.  What have you thought about Tol Barad?


It's pretty widely

It's pretty widely acknowledged that TB is broken in its design. If the attacker had the overwhelming advantage, then at least both sides would have equal access to it. But's it's broken in favor of the defender, which means that one side gets to control it for a long time.

WoW Insider had a long post about what they thought should be the focus of change if you want to find it.

But yeah, you're not alone in thinking it's not good.