Out for May 24

Salwatin will not be able to go on our raid this Thursday on account of being in the middle of a move. Should be okay for next week though.

SORRY NOT A GOOD ENOUGH EXCUSE (drunkn caps for the win :P lol )

I will still be on to see if we can do this. Nicci and Ebo are out also so we are definitely gonna need some alts.

Yeah I'll be back for the 7th of June ... i did accept for tonight but I wont be able to make it 

Ditto ^^


Ebones - 90 PVP warrior

Ebolamite - 90 Priest

Wolfstien - 90 Shaman


I could make it tonight but i only have my rogue and its freeks turn to run with his rogue. I will be around at raid time if we get desperate. Good luck if u guys run!!!! I will be around next week again when its my rogues turn to run. Reporting for duty. ...../Salute


Ok well out of no where my dad and his wife came into town. I am gonna cancel tonight's raid. Unless someone else wants to try and run it. Sorry for the last minute cancellation but I haven't seen my dad since November and Remy needs to see his gramppa.

Kyrran will be late tonight (28 June) but will get online as quick as I can.

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