<3 to all

THANK YOU all so much for one shotting rag and ending this long quest! Also a HUGE thank you to all of you that came out every Friday to get this done , without you all i couldn't of done this ... Ebolamite and Bror i love you both lol ... thank you for getting the 25 mans together to shorten this ...  HUGE LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU THAT CAME TO HELP ...

I am very happy for you.  :-)


Ebones - 90 PVP warrior

Ebolamite - 90 Priest

Wolfstien - 90 Shaman


Anytime Nicci I know if Faab took time off of raiding you would have been there to help me. Now let's get some mounts. What do you say ulduar 10 man?

Nicci! Congrats!!! I wish I could have been there for it! :)


Grats Nicci.  The kind of dedication you have to this game and the guild definitely merits a Legendary! :)

Awesome work everybody who helped Nicci.  Grats Nicci on the new staff.  Got screenshots?   

Thanks all , No screenshots,  we have all seen it enough hahaha

grats Nicci.  Too bad my ass slowed the beggining down soo much for ya :P


I know if there was a legendary bow (not the BC one), you would do the same for me!



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