Firelands 10m 5/18/12

Hey everyone, With mothers day this weekend, I have my son from Friday @ 5 until Saturday @ 5. That makes for a really short weekend , especialy when it is every three weeks. Brorjace will do his best but will need everyones help, so please show up help spam trade for people and grab cross-server friends if possible. Sorry for the short notice, I am sure you understand.

Hello all,


Just wanted people to know that this week (tonight) is the last week hopefully for the 10m FL raid.  Nicci needs approx. 3 boss kill or 11 Smouldering's.  Then it is Ragnaros!!!!


That will complete the Guild legendary staff runs for wolverine.  So Show up y'all so i dont have to PuG---lol


Ebones - 90 PVP warrior

Ebolamite - 90 Priest

Wolfstien - 90 Shaman


Kyrran should b good to go...can tank or kitty DPS.

My Friday nights this month have been crazy busy. Sorry! :(

Ebol thank you for not saying Niccis Rag Run !   lmfao

Yeah odd nobody understand how I would not want to go on Nicci's Rag run. Blah

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