Eyceston / Clangar


Played original recipe WoW with pretty much all classes / races. Leveled Dark Elf Rogue to original level cap. Got too caught up in the level treadmill and abandoned the game. Now back playing casually with some friends in the guild.

Favorite PvP Character

Francis, I know a Francis


I am a recent convert to Dark Iron, I have a few friends in the guild and am joining them here. Helped found The Conclave a guild (on another server) of real life friends when WoW was first released, we had all previously enjoyed UO and EQ together. Left when I left all MMOs.

Additional Info

I'm going to stay a very casual player, a couple nights a week. My last server was PvE so I'm excited about seeing some good PvP action and the occasional large Raid. Looking forward to hanging out with some cool people and enjoying the game again. I'm happy to help in whatever way I can as a casual gamer.


In the Guild

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