Wolverine Recruitment

I would rather people come here and give us there schedule then under the roster thread. So Wolverine is a third Panda raid team. The team leader is me, Brorjace, but lets face it Ebo is da man. lmao. Ebolomite is the raid assist. We both have recently been through hardmodes in Dragon Soul with Team Faab which is 4 of 8.


We are currently running Firelands to help Mistresnicci get her Legendary Staff. While we like this very much it will end soon and we are talking about getting a team and knocking out Dragon Soul now. Will it end there I doubt it but we are not looking to far into the future. We want to field a good team with a mix of good raiders new and old plus making sure we have a good raid composition.


What do I mean a good raid composition? You may apply to raid on a certain toon in a certain spec. Normally not a problem but don't be surprised if your asked to change specs or toons for that matter if you have one available. We dont want 3 hunters as our ranged plain and simple or mulitples of any class. Makes it tough to gear up and some buffs and such are lost.

Raid nights have been discussed and we are talking about Tuesday and Thursday nights leaving Friday open for mount runs and things like that. Of course those runs will be open to all Panda's. If your interested and looking for a fun team to grow with in the xpacs to come then sign up.


Toon name, class and spec of toon and what days and times you are available.

Seppee - Frost DK DPS. Friday and Sunday after 6 server.

Possibly Achilees, my paladin. I am working on a tanking set for him and I have a good amount of Ret gear for him already. Unfortunately I have never tanked one fight EVER. So I would need help setting that up if you want me to tank.

Seppee is a elixir master, so cauldrons would be covered.

Thanks for the consideration,


Ebolamite - Priest - Shadow/Disc

Available - Tues, Thursday, Friday (FL run), Sunday, Monday

Come on people lets fill this raid and blow some Sh*t up!!!!!


Ebones - 90 PVP warrior

Ebolamite - 90 Priest

Wolfstien - 90 Shaman


Toon name: Kyrran (he is the raid ready one but can also work on Toxicelf if you would rather have the DK)

Class and spec of toon: Druid, Feral DPS is best set but Bear Tank is close

Days and times you are available: Not Tuesday, Wednesday (unless we stop the guild LFRs), or Saturday evenings; once football season starts I prefer not to raid on Sunday and Monday.

Profesions: Jewelcrafting (have all the epic cuts) and mining

Hey guys Teal has decided to raid on Sundays so i would love to fill out a position with my rogue. i currently have the first set of daggers and LFR geared with a few 378 peices. i am able to raid any day except Wed cause of LFR and Sun. cause of Team Teal Raid.

thanks, Freek

Reporting for Duty: 

Since Teal is now running on Sundays im also available Tuesday and Thursday...

Depending on what Teal needs, I have a rogue on the legendary Daggers questline (Thesean) and depending on what Teal needs each week my Pally may be available also (Ashawn). If we can get one together this week both are available, as I am unable to run with Teal this week because of Mother's Day. Get back to me and let me know. I may also be able to convince Therani (My wife) to run as well on one of her many alts.

Toon Name: Thesean

Class and Spec: Rogue Combat

Availability: Tuesday, Thursday, Not Sunday (As i am comitted to Teal those nights)

Profesions: Blacksmithing, Mining Both 525

Again my pally maybe also available depending on which toon I need to Raid with Teal. If I can guarentee run on my rogue then my Pally is available. If not, then my rogue is the only one available.

Toon Name: Ashawn

Class and Spec:Paladin MS - Ret OS- Holy (Both are geared)

Availability: Tuesday, Thursday, Not Sunday (As I am committed to Teal those nights)

Proffession: Engineering, Mining Both 525

Thanks Again,





Tuesdays and thursday work great for me (i'd rather raid during the week) , I have a shadow priest , mage (chaynefire) gearing up the druid and you don't want my pally LOL

Eatingyou is a combat rogue that i would love to raid with. Tue and Thur are fine with me

Well now I think we have rogues well covered. Some people that have listed there rogues will have to come up with another toon. Meaning this is not another wolverine help everyone get there legendary dagger run. This is so people that are not in a raid group can get in and raid. Also alts for fill ins till we get a consistant group.

Cessnus - Melee DPS / Tank Warrior (main toon)

Junegloom - Melee DPS / Tank DK

Dreemwalker - Melee DPS / Tank (more OT)

BodyofChrist - Melee DPS / Tank

AprilUnholy - Ranged DPS

OldPiney - Ranged DPS/ working on Heal set (least geared)

Heironess - Melee DPS (#2 toon of mine)

All my toons are ready for DS10 they have been waiting for a team to emerge...Lets get a schedule set to run things...I've seen enough videos and done a lil bit of work in pugs but want to raid with a team..My stable of toons have all professions but Alchemy in their pool of jobs and I dont mind getting my hands dirty farming up mats for things either..

- Cess (p.s....I'm Back,missed you guys)



Salwatin resto/enhacement shaman

Tuesdays and Thursdays sound good to me, at least until September.

Salwatin would be great addition. Be on for Thursday at 530 but depending on Faab we might have to cancel but will see.

Dontcarebear - 85 Resto Druid


Available for the Thursday runs

It's rather short lived, but my mage is available for Thursdays through the 21st.


Ignore this post. I am full of lies

Cya Thursday Hecuba!!!!

Err.  I may have kinda sorta forgotten that my time |= server time.  Cause I'm totally available at my 5:30 on Thursdays, but at wow's 5:30, I'm getting ready for work.  Sorry for being a tease.

I would be glad to bring my pallly (ishabubble). I think her healing has finally gotten to the point where it's ok (i know it still needs some work, but practice is probably the best for that).  I would also like to improve her ret gear.  I am available on Thursdays for the foreseeable future.


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