Out for 4 May FL Run

My son (and our grand-dogger) came home for a surprise visit so we will be going to dinner and then to see the Avengers.  Sorry about the late cancellation.

No worries gnurft wolverine was once again able to get the raid put together, this time it w a full 25 man all the way to Domo....was a fun run. There are possibilities of new members, some showed interest. Hope all went well.


Ebones - 90 PVP warrior

Ebolamite - 90 Priest

Wolfstien - 90 Shaman


Yesterday was A-MAZING ... what a great group of 25 people we had ... love that we are doing 25 mans , doing 2 weeks in one L O V E I T ... ONE MORE WEEK OF A 25 MAN THEN RAG GOES DOWN LIKE  SAC OF SHEET!  =D

Awesome! :)


Does that mean that you'll be killing Rag next week after the rest, or the week after that?

well friday i got 44 bringing me to 207 so next friday if we get another group like we did and the drops are the same ill have enough to save the lockout for rag

Ah, ok, so even if you get enough next week, you wouldn't do Rag that same night.  Gotcha. :)

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