Blackdog Blogs

Hey, why am I blogging... I should be leveling.   The only thing slower than a Restro Shaman leveling is Blackdog playing one (though actually, I level Elemental).    So far I'm loving the expansion.  Healing is actually fun for me, even with all the changes... actually a lot better!   So if you see a big blue ring on the ground, that is the good stuff, step in it and heal on up.  If you are conditioned to not stand in anything odd on the ground, I'll heal your sorry ass any ways.   

When not playing Blackdog, you might find me on Goonther my troll Warrior, Sacks the Rogue and maybe even my new alt Erazmus the Troll Druid.  You want see these alts on for more than a few minutes, they are all on the sidelines till Blackdog dings 85 and is doing heroics and ready for raids (Go Teal!).  

One last thing.  Three Cheers for Butai and all his awesome work putting this site together!






Thank you Blackdog. If you

Thank you Blackdog. If you want to share some more about the shaman class we're always looking for submissions.