Guild Ranks and Positions

Panda Attack is a fairly large guild with many members.  Here is the rank structure we use within the guild. 

Guild Master (rank Skull): Gnurft

Panda Attack is run by committee and the guild master is the head. If there is a conflict among officers, the guild master has the final say. For all other purposes, the guild master and officers have the same amount of say, so if you have a question or problem you can ask any Cole, and often a Brent will have the answer as well.

Officers (rank Cole):

Coles are the main decision-makers in the guild. Coles are promoted very rarely and only when there is a need for an additional person.

Class Leaders (rank Brent):

Brents are members that have demonstrated both a long-term commitment to the guild and usually have an in-depth knowledge of at least one class. Brents are responsible for helping new members to find their place in the guild, explaining policies, running battlegrounds, dungeons & special events, and helping with professions.  Brents and Coles are able to invite people into the guild once their application is approved.

PvP Leaders (rank Kringus):

A Kringus is a member commited to the guild who has an in-depth knowledge of PvP. A kringus is responsible for helping new members to find their place in the guild, explaining policies, running battlegrounds, dungeons & special events, and helping with professions.

Jade Rank:

The Jade rank is given to persons that have demonstrated their raiding prowess and commitment to the guild.  They are regular raiders and are on one of the guild's raid teams.  You'll find them in 5 mans, 10 mans, Looking For Group, or gathering raid materials.

Scratch Rank:

The Scratch rank is given to persons that have demonstrated their PvP godliness and commitment to the guild. You'll find them in battlegrounds, arenas, running TrollFART calls, and generally causing mayhem to all things Alliance.

Francis Rank:

The Francis rank is given to persons that have been in the guild for at least two months and have demonstrated they wish to be an active part of the community.

Kirby Rank:

The Kirby rank is what new members receive when they are invited. It has decreased privileges to the guild bank and other resources until they have demonstrated they are not dicks (consistent with our "do not be a dick" rule).

Reggie Rank:

If someone will be gone for a while (deployment, taking a break from WoW, extended vacation, etc.) or has been hacked, they will be put in Reggie status.  Reggies have no bank privileges.  A Reggie will not be kicked for inactivity.  If you were taking a break, then when you come back, you will not need to fill out an application since you are still in the guild.  Your alts may have been gkicked after an extended absence but are eligible to rejoin when you return.  Reggie is now also our "Time-out" rank.

Robbie & Jase Rank:

This rank has been retired and is now merged with the Reggie rank.  If someone is blowing up in guild chat, they will be placed in 'time out' with no guild chat or guild bank privileges until they come back or recover their equilibrium. 

Sonya (OP):

This rank is for folks who are no longer active in the guild but who we would like to see return.  The OP designation stands for Original Panda indicating it is someone who joined the guild before the current expansion and most of whom were there in vanilla WoW.  This rank has minimal permissions.



The following positions are necessary to keep things running smoothly. Many of these positions are based upon a limited term so that no one person gets too burned out with all the details. 

PvP Coordinator: (VACANT)

If you have a hankering to join the PvP fun, this is the person you talk to! He'll help you find opportunities to cream the alliance. The PvP coordinator is NOT responsible for running battlegrounds or arenas. He/she is responsible for finding people willing to run BGs, lead arena teams, lead TrollFARTs, host Fight Clubs, etc. They are the contact point for persons that want to join the fun and are responsible for making sure PvP happens.

Raid Coordinator: Gnurft

The raid coordinator is NOT a raid leader. The coordinator is the contact point for persons wanting to raid. The RC acts as a dating service between members interested in raiding and 10 man raid leaders. Like any dating service, we don't promise a wedding or even "first base", but the RC will help you to find opportunities to raid. If you want to raid, talk to Gnurft and he will help you to find a team and/or help you to figure out what skills, gear, etc. you need.

Guild Achievement / Reputation Monitor: (VACANT)

This position is responsible for knowing what guild achievements we're very close to attaining and pushing us to accomplish them. They are also in charge of helping new members find ways to increase their guild reputation if necessary.

Treasurer: (VACANT)

The treasurer is in charge of keeping the guild bank uncluttered and full of money. They are responsible for setting policies for how much can be withdrawn for repairs, how many mats can be withdrawn, etc. and for monitoring how much people put in / take out.

Special Activities Monitor: Blackdog 

The Special Activities Monitor (SAM) keeps an eye on the WoW calendar and stays in touch with the Guild Achievement Monitor to identify opportunities for special guild events.  He keeps an eye out for guildies that are interested in running any special activities or can run them himself.  If you have a good idea for an activity, talk to the SAM.

Loregod:Hecuba; Loreprince: Iao

Forget Loremaster. Any idiot with too much time on their hands can get that title. Loregods actually KNOW something. If you have a question about World of Warcraft from class mechanics to dragon honorifics these people are better then Google (but check online first if you have time).