Attack Panda's!

Our PvP program is currently on a break.

Kringus Rank is reserved for panda's pvp officers.

Scratch Rank is for people that are regular pvpers.

Mumble (PA's designated VoIP) has PvP channels and the information is available ingame under the guild information tab.  If you are online and willing to throw down, get in the PvP Channels.

Scratches are pandas that have distinguished themselves in pvp, they have filled roles in Battlegrounds, Arena Teams and helped out with World PvP.  They have been working on their pvp gear and aren't made out of paper!  They know their class capabilities with regards to affecting enemy targets and aiding their teammates in combat.  They have helped out Pandas that are being ganked or camped. 

Scratches go out of their way to help Pandas in combat, and have proven themselves to be team players and distinguished themselves to be assets in player vs. player.

To be accepted as a Scratch you need to petition for it. Accepting this rank demonstrates your commitment to Player vs Player combat within and for Panda Attack.


Hang out with the Scratches or talk to a Kringus to get matched up with other players looking for rating and/or conquest points for the week.  Clearly, the higher your rating the more conquest points you can accumulate week to week.  Ask in Gchat if people want to group up.

We will try to match up players with other Pandas who are interested in Arenas.  Looking for players for all team sizes 2's, 3's and possibly 5's.

If you are just trying to get your points and you are a Scratch or regular pvper we will do our best to hook you up for points until we get you a regular team.


Rated Battlegrounds

10 man Rated BGs

These are basically *big* arena matches.  Here you will face players at their best. They field teams with class balance, providing heals, snares, stuns and some fierce competition.

Fielding Panda teams of the same size and skill level is a challenge, we have gotten lucky several times and the times we haven't have been a good learning experience.

Finding a time slot for a regular run is another challenge.  We are are not currently running any regular PvP events sponsored by the guild.

Keep practicing and keep hanging out in the PvP Mumble channels to be ready when Panda PvP returns.

Attack Panda's

Panda Police.

Generally run as double duty for Kringus and Scratches, this is the real reason why we hone our skills in combat. Attack Panda's are our enforcers.

When a Panda calls for help in the The Valley of the Four Winds because he is in Half Hill and is being camped, Attack Panda's will fly out and smash them and any alliance that even saw what happened.

Questing Pandas or Pandas doing dailies that are in *hot* zones and need help in the world and that is the way we like it. 

FIGHT CLUB is an event we like to run with each other to hone our pvp skills, run different scenarios or even raid some alliance holdings or pacify hot zones.  This is open to veteran pvpers or even the green one with 0 resilience gear and wanting to learn and de-mystify the way of the pvp.

To call for help from the Attack Panda's, it would help if....

  • you are on the Mumble, settings are in the guild tab
  • have some basic information on what we are getting into
  • follow some instructions on what to do, who to target first, when to rez etc...

PvP is hella fun, some prefer it over PvE, some like both equally.  It doesnt matter, get on Mumble, hang out, group up and have some fun with Attack Panda's and strike fear into the hearts of the cowardly alliance.

Whether you are a player looking for ratings, honor, pulse-pounding excitement, competitive play vs alliance or even just looking for fun with your fellow Pandas.  We want you to join us.