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Challenge to the Guild: Seafood Magnifique by February 1st

So as I look over the guild achievements, I've noticed a couple of significant ones that we're not making progress on.  First and foremost is "That's A Lot of Bait," the achievement that gives the pattern for the new fish feast.  At our current rate, we'll be seeing fish feasts around November.

I'd like to see them much much sooner. 


As such, I'm issuing a challenge to the guild:

Finish this guild achievement by the end of the month.  That's 8,000 more fish, from pools by the end of the month.


It seems like a tall order, but with a little effort, it should be very achievable.  10 people fishing up ten pools a day should average out to 7,500 by the end of the month.  Making up the change should be trivial. 

To be clear, this doesn't need to be Cataclysm fishing pools: any pool will do (so you can work on your turtle mount at the same time).  In addition, there is no longer a fishing requirement to fish from pools, so even if you haven't leveled fishing in the past, you can still contribute.


Let's get this one done.


P.S. Another important achievemnet you should be looking at is "Mix Master," the 10,000 flask achievement.  This one's a bit of a taller order, but you can help by having your flasks crafted by a guild alchemist rather than buying them on the auction house.

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