Stormwind: PVP and me.

So, once again, I had an urge to go leave my mark on the hu-mans in Stormwind. I felt it was only fair to let them know that I found Wrynn's mancub in Pandaland, and he was for the most part, still intact. They were relieved to get news of his safety, proof given in this screenshot that I delivered. I think he is trying to MC that Lvl 1 Monk - the Monk eventually got away.

Here is an action shot of me riding into the main gates of Stormwind. That mount took me a serious amount of Darkmoon Faire faction grinding. It's also super-rare, so you shouldn't bother trying to get one.


Once inside Stormwind, I was well received as you can see from the next screenshot. I regaled the locals with my tales of conquest in the new lands, and shared with them the countless times I bested their simple Alliance forces. Of course, they were quick to recognize my value, and presented me with Wrynn's crown and many cakes.

I'll update as I can...




Here's my Hurricane Sandy...


Soloing Goldshire.

PVP is an important part of the Horde's legacy of wanton destruction, mostly born out of the fact that Orcs can't take a joke.


In honor of that, I solo-ed Goldshire. Here's a screenshot. This has not been altered in anyway. So far, I have not received any Conquest Tokens for this fine work. I have a ticket open.


Ren says, "Rawr!"

Challenge to the Guild: Seafood Magnifique by February 1st

So as I look over the guild achievements, I've noticed a couple of significant ones that we're not making progress on.  First and foremost is "That's A Lot of Bait," the achievement that gives the pattern for the new fish feast.  At our current rate, we'll be seeing fish feasts around November.

I'd like to see them much much sooner. 


As such, I'm issuing a challenge to the guild:

Finish this guild achievement by the end of the month.  That's 8,000 more fish, from pools by the end of the month.


It seems like a tall order, but with a little effort, it should be very achievable.  10 people fishing up ten pools a day should average out to 7,500 by the end of the month.  Making up the change should be trivial. 

To be clear, this doesn't need to be Cataclysm fishing pools: any pool will do (so you can work on your turtle mount at the same time).  In addition, there is no longer a fishing requirement to fish from pools, so even if you haven't leveled fishing in the past, you can still contribute.


Let's get this one done.


P.S. Another important achievemnet you should be looking at is "Mix Master," the 10,000 flask achievement.  This one's a bit of a taller order, but you can help by having your flasks crafted by a guild alchemist rather than buying them on the auction house.

Tol Barad

Ran my first one of these yesterday.  I played twice, once on defense, once on offense.  I was unimpressed.

A circle of zerging seemed to be the safest way to defend.  If you all stuck together, you turned the next item well before the attackers could turn it.  I did not see a way to break off without a lot of coorination, whether you were offense or defense.

With the advantages being pretty heavy for winning (pvp boss, extra daily quests) I figured they'd make it a bit easier to change hands.  What have you thought about Tol Barad?

Panda Instances

Just got done running some instances with Panda Attack.  I've had to pug a bit as well searching for a trinket, and let me tell you; guild run >>>>>>>>> pug.  Not so much that you won't screw up, but that you can learn to handle the adds, or learn from the wipes, or get to know someone new in the guild.  So if you are about to hit the random queue, call out in guild before doing so.  And if you see the call and are questing, consider joining up to make it a guild run.  You will be thankful!

Blackdog Blogs

Hey, why am I blogging... I should be leveling.   The only thing slower than a Restro Shaman leveling is Blackdog playing one (though actually, I level Elemental).    So far I'm loving the expansion.  Healing is actually fun for me, even with all the changes... actually a lot better!   So if you see a big blue ring on the ground, that is the good stuff, step in it and heal on up.  If you are conditioned to not stand in anything odd on the ground, I'll heal your sorry ass any ways.   

When not playing Blackdog, you might find me on Goonther my troll Warrior, Sacks the Rogue and maybe even my new alt Erazmus the Troll Druid.  You want see these alts on for more than a few minutes, they are all on the sidelines till Blackdog dings 85 and is doing heroics and ready for raids (Go Teal!).  

One last thing.  Three Cheers for Butai and all his awesome work putting this site together!





Day 1 Cata

I rolled out the druid, and upped my cooking and fishing, hitting those daily quests in the new Org.  Then I went ahead and followed the beginning questlines to Vash'ir.  I wanted t ostart down the path of Earthen Ring rep (I think the tank head enchant is from them), and underwater sounded quite cool!


I got to solo quest a good amount of the beginning subzone, but as the day wore on, it became harder to click on the quest NPC without hitting someone.  Didn't up my skinning or mining skills... had to port back.  Druid has an advantage there, I bound to the local Vash'ir inn and then ported to Moonglade.  Got that done and quested some more.

We rounded up 5 pandas (3 warriors, 2 druids) and ran the Throne of Tides.  Note that you now have to discover the entrance of a dungeon before you can queue up for it.  I had gotten down to the Tides starting area, and with the help of a random person, summoned the rest of the team down.  The instance was interesting, but not too difficult.  Time for a break!

I came back about 5.30 server and logged in the priest to play with my wife's mage.  We went the same zone route, but with 2 people, and the time, the going was much slower.  3D following and ID'ing who is who was tough, but we enjoyed it.

Once my wife logged off, I ran another Throne run with Pandas on my druid, then headed to bed myself!  Moolofeign 81.33, Melofeign 80.45, not bad for a relaxing day in Cata!

Butai hates me

I don't really blame him, but he makes me create content on this site as a form of punishment.  It's surely just envy.


If I had a million dollars, I'd buy the rights to that BNL song and have it never played again.

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